Writer’s bio

Alan Wild is a fiction, romance, and mystery writer. He lives in Denver, Colorado with his husband, two dogs, a grumpy macaw, and a tank full of large goldfish. He is driven by a passion for writing that he developed while at a young age. Alan would create fictional tales and stories that would assist him in escaping reality. When he is not writing, he spends much of his time reading, photography, and graphic design. Alan loves listening to people around him and what stories they have to offer. People often have intriguing stories that are always enticing to listen to. From these stories, one can gain experience and knowledge on how the world works and how we are connected to it.

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When Noah Blain opens his front door, his mind is still on the aging mother he has just helped into assisted care. But on the threshold, a horror scene awaits. Having escaped California after losing his job as a private investigator, Oliver has returned to Denver, Colorado after blackmailing his ex-lover (and ex-boss) Eager to start his own PI agency and work crimes once more, Oliver offers Noah a place to stay and full use of his detective team to help solve the mystery of the brutal homicide Meanwhile, forced together in tragic and dangerous circumstances, complex feelings start to emerge between the two men as their emotional scars surface… But what secrets in Noah’s past have caused him to make a deadly enemy? And can Oliver’s team find the killer before their lives go from hope to despair? Hope & Despair – Full Circle by author Alan Wild available now on amazon.com