Author Tools and Resources

Author Tools and Resources

Welcome to my author tool and resources page. I am so glad you have taken the time to check it out. I will post all the tools I use and referral information from other artists, editors, and publisher services.

Are you a new author and looking to expand your list of tools? I am sure you are like me and have spent hours researching all of the steps in self-publishing. There are so many steps you need to take to publish your book. I will provide tools to help you along the way. I offer my help and advice because I truly believe we all thrive when we lift each other up.  Please leave your comments or send me an email with your questions. If there is something that you would like to see here, let me know.

Editing services

Are you looking for an editor that specializes in editing LGBTQ books and other writings? Below you will find information for Nicholas Taylor with 


Nicholas Taylor of Just Write Right

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Just Write Right

Check out Nicholas Taylor's Blog below.

  • Saying too much

    Writers, whether experienced or new, frequently come across this problem. It’s easily done, I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of doing it. What is it? Overwriting. In this post, we’ll take a look at how to identify and remove instances of overwriting from your manuscript.

  • Suddenly, the editor deleted my words

    A client recently asked me if I ever have an opinion on certain words. I don’t. Words are there to communicate a message – to tell a story. I do not sit with a dictionary ticking off the words I love and scratching out the words I hate. Except one.

  • How to understand my editing

    Editors and proofreaders all work ever so slightly differently, especially when working with Word documents. Here is a quick guide to what all the marks on your manuscript mean. If there’s anything that doesn’t make sense, is confusing, or you are unsure of, always ask. I am always happy to answer questions.

  • A year in review

    We'll look back at 2020 and decide that it was a year that changed a lot of things for a lot of people. Inspired by some of my fellow editors, here's a review of my year.

  • Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year
  • Looking ahead to 2021

    After the year that was, I expect we are all looking forward to a different 2021. I hope that, for you, 2020 wasn’t too hard. I hope that you’ve managed to keep safe and well and those who you love have done so to.

  • A Very Sweary Dictionary

    When I’m editing or proofreading, I’ll use a variety of tools and reference materials in order to get things right. Along with spelling, one of the biggest things to watch for is hyphenation, closing up or opening up of words.

  • On LGBTQ+ Editing: The importance of it all.

    In this final part, we’ll look at why LGBTQ+ editing is so important and what you can do if you’re not an expert. In this miniseries we have explored LGBTQ+ characters and language. If you haven’t already, take a look at the previous posts and subscribe to get all the latest blog posts direct to your inbox.

  • On LGBTQ+ editing: Language

    What is the language of an LGBTQ+ book? What makes it authentically LGBTQ+?

  • Blogger recognition award!

    How very generous of JN Supermom of Rants of a Foul Mouthed Mom fame for nominating me for this Blogger Recognition Award! I'm very, very grateful!

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