Author Tools and Resources

Author Tools and Resources

Welcome to my author tool and resources page. I am so glad you have taken the time to check it out. I will post all the tools I use and referral information from other artists, editors, and publisher services.

Are you a new author and looking to expand your list of tools? I am sure you are like me and have spent hours researching all of the steps in self-publishing. There are so many steps you need to take to publish your book. I will provide tools to help you along the way. I offer my help and advice because I truly believe we all thrive when we lift each other up.  Please leave your comments or send me an email with your questions. If there is something that you would like to see here, let me know.

Editing services

Are you looking for an editor that specializes in editing LGBTQ books and other writings? Below you will find information for Nicholas Taylor with 


Nicholas Taylor of Just Write Right

Click the button below to head over to Nicholas Taylor's website.
Just Write Right

Check out Nicholas Taylor's Blog below.

  • Pride Parade 2021

    Welcome to this year's Pride Parade of Books! We might not be able to have actual Pride Parades yet, but we can still mark Pride Month! This is a small sample of some of the wonderful LGBTQ+ books out there. If you can, please support these authors and spread the word about LGBTQ+ literature. Our stories matter. Let's make sure they are told.

  • Book review: Swimming in the Dark

    A youthful romance in post-war Poland

  • Words, vocabulary, language and terminology

    Should you be sending your readers to the dictionary for every sentence you write?

  • Book review: Dance on my Grave

    Great characters, great situation, great potential; shame about the middle.

  • Am I doing this right?

    Whether you are a writer or an editorial professional, chances are you’ve felt the effects of imposter syndrome.

  • The human touch

    Anyone who has spent time around a word processor will know that computers are good at picking up on a few, obvious spelling errors. But can a computer replace a human editor?

  • Why does it matter?

    What’s it all for? Why does editing or proofreading matter? Isn’t it just an unnecessary expense? My Auntie Bertha used to be an English teacher …

  • Whatever the weather

    The weather: cliché or clever? Here’s some hints about deciding what to do with meteorological conditions in your fiction writing.

  • The art of juggling

    Ask any freelancer, be it editorial or another profession, and they will tell you how hard it can be. But they’ll tell you as many reasons for going freelance.

  • What do you get?

    What do you get back after your edit or proofread?

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