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January 27, 2021
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Alan Wild – Free Book Friday!

Free book Friday! Who doesn’t love a free book? I wanted to offer my book free of charge for the weekend. From today January 29th, 2021 to February 2nd, 2021.

Today’s free book Friday amazon can be downloaded below.

If you enjoyed the book, please leave a review. If you hated it, please tell me why.

My second book is also on Amazon’s countdown deal. Please check it out and leave a review.

Two strangers meet over a bloody, dismembered body…but can they find the killer before the killer finds them?

When Noah Blain opens his front door, his mind is still on the aging mother he has just helped move into assisted care. But on the threshold, a horror scene awaits. 

Blood and body parts are strewn through Noah’s hallway and there is no one else in sight. At least, until Oliver Thaddeus shows up.

Having escaped California after losing his job as a private investigator, Oliver has returned to Denver, Colorado after blackmailing his ex-lover (and ex-boss) for the cool sum of $14.5M.

Eager to start his own PI agency and work crimes once more, Oliver offers Noah a place to stay and full use of his detective team to help solve the mystery of the brutal homicide.

But when it is discovered that Noah was the actual target of the killing, Oliver and Noah must go into lockdown under police guard until the perpetrator has been found.

Forced together in tragic and dangerous circumstances, complex feelings start to emerge between the two young men as their emotional scars surface.

Oliver is strikingly beautiful and familiar only with being used. Noah is mildly agoraphobic and reluctant to open up. Tenderness is new – and terrifying – for them both.

But what secrets in Noah’s past have caused him to make a deadly enemy? And can Oliver’s team find the killer before their lives go from hope to despair?


Misconception – One Man’s Pain

Sal is a marked man in need of a trusted ally. Will the sins of his past help or hurt him?

Salvatore’s secret is out. The entire inmate population knows he’s next in line to sit at the helm of the Petrelli Crime Family, and that makes him a target. 

The future doesn’t bode well for this seasoned criminal… unless, with the help of a counselor, he can see the error of his ways and do what’s necessary to forge a new path forward. But first, he must survive a brutal attack.

Noah and Oliver of 5280 Investigations are exhausted after what they’ve endured, but not deterred. When Sal reaches out to them to offer an apology, they’re torn between what they know to be true of this notorious crime family and doing what’s right.

For the first time in their lives, Sal and Noah must decide if blood is more important than the mistakes that have been made.

As Sal fights to stay alive, Noah and Oliver fight for him on the outside, but will it be enough, will those who want to see him destroyed get their wish?

Find out in this adrenaline-rushing mystery!

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Check our the pages for Hope & Despair and Misconception

Alan Wild
Alan Wild
Alan Wild writes LGBTQ romantic mysteries. His passion for writing began when he was a young boy. Writing provided an escape from reality. He draws inspiration for his stories from the people and places around him. Besides his passion for writing, he is a skilled portrait and studio photographer. A native of Colorado, he is surrounded by beauty people from all walks of life and majestic landscapes. An avid reader of mysteries and romances, the onetime call center manager said goodbye to the corporate world to pursue his passions and publish the stories that have swum around in his head for decades. When Alan isn’t writing, reading, taking photos or exploring his beloved home state, he can be found surrounded by the people he loves the most, his husband, children, two dogs, a grumpy Macaw, and a tank full of goldfish in his Denver, Colorado home. For more information about him, visit his website here:

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